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tech4all health


Everyone has the right to healthcare. But much of the world's population lacks access to basic health services and it tends to be the most vulnerable groups that are hit hardest: children, the elderly, people with disabilities, the impoverished, and rural communities.

We believe that deploying technology solutions through partnerships is the key to providing access to healthcare services for everyone, so that health is no longer a barrier to unlocking individual potential and contributing to the well-being of society.

Проекты и программы

  • Access to Healthcare

    Access to Healthcare

  • Information Accessibility

    Information Accessibility

Providing accessible medical services so that health issues can be prevented or treated, for everyone, everywhere.

Trouble-free Hearing for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Trouble-free Hearing for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

AI-powered technology helps deaf people overcome obstacles in daily life and live fuller, more inclusive lives

Developing technology solutions to ensure information accessibility for the elderly and people with disabilities.



Detecting visual impairments in babies and children using AI-powered devices.

5G Extends the Reach of Smart Healthcare in Thailand

5G Extends the Reach of Smart Healthcare in Thailand

5G helps solve the urban-rural imbalance of medical resources in Thailand