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The Earth's vital signs are far from healthy. For example, huge numbers of plant and animal species are threatened with extinction. Climate change is increasing the prevalence and severity of natural disasters. And our oceans are 10 times more polluted than they were in 1980.

We believe that technology should not be in opposition to nature. Instead, it should help nature thrive and reduce the impact of human activities on the planet. To develop sustainably, we need come together and reduce humanity's collective footprint. We need to take less and give more.

Проекты и программы

  • Forests


  • Oceans


  • Wetlands


Forests cover nearly one third of the world's land surface, but logging, poaching, and unsustainable land use result in the loss of tens of millions of hectares each year. We are committed to protecting forests and species habitats with innovative technology solutions.

Nature Guardian

Nature Guardian

The project uses acoustics technologies, cloud, and AI to detect and analyze sounds that threaten biodiversity, including poachers' gunshots and the chainsaws used for illegal logging.

Creating A Tech Safety Net Because My Neighbors Are Elephants

Creating A Tech Safety Net Because My Neighbors Are Elephants

Deploying China's first connected Asian Elephant protection, monitoring, and warning system.

Pollution, overuse, and climate change affect the health of our oceans. Technology can help conservation workers more efficiently protect endangered marine life and restore coral reefs.

Smart Whale Sounds, Ireland

Smart Whale Sounds, Ireland

Using cloud AI and bioacoustics to study whales, dolphins, and porpoises off Ireland's south coast

With more than 85% of wetlands lost globally, we are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to protect river, lake, and coastal wetlands.

Nature Guardians: Battling Biodiversity Loss in Austria's Wetlands

Nature Guardians: Battling Biodiversity Loss in Austria's Wetlands

AI-powered "Guardians" have been deployed in Seewinkel National Park to study local species and...